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Thursday, April 14, 2005


MotorCity PR

On the Today show, Alison Vaughn, the Founder of Jackets for Jobs was interviewed. She helps the unemployed in Detroit through her non-profit Jackets for Jobs." What a great idea.

Why do I bring this up? The Today show was talking to people about making a difference in your town. They went on to say that Detroit has the highest unemployment of any major city in the country...this of course primarily due to the struggles of the formerly Big Three car manufacturers based here (GM, Ford and what used be Chrysler and is now DaimlerChrysler). At the end of the interview...are you ready for this (please be seated), Al Roker donates a van...courtesy of, not Ford, not GM and not Chrysler...but Toyota. The company who has had more to do with unemployment in Detroit than anyone. I couldn't help but think, "wow...how embarrassing."

I know for a fact that DaimlerChrysler has provided assistance to the organization but wouldn't it have been better for one of the Big Three to help?

Toyota Moves To Detroit...or Honda

So, before anyone beats me to the punch, imagine the increase in consideration and market share in the world's largest market, if Toyota moved their HQ to Detroit? Wouldn't take much, really. Boeing moved to Chicago. Of course, they lost 2 CEOs in 2 years in the process, but that wasn't move related.

I think it would be a brilliant PR and marketing move. Why? Suddenly Toyota becomes "American." They have North American HQ in Detroit. They could even buy a few half dead brands and jam Toyota powertrains into them. How about Packard? Or Oldsmobile? This is definitely not your father's Oldmobile now. How about Plymouth? Tucker?

Ok...so, I joke a little...but I am serious about the PR potential. They'd be on every show in America, talking about how they will revitalize the inner city and reduce unemployment.

So, you doubt that Toyota, Honda or Nissan could be Americanized? Hmm...don't forget...DaimlerChrysler is actually a German company. But they sure act like one of the Big Three domestics. It can be done.

The biggest objection will be the Michigan winter. But that's why you keep all the California design facilities...for frequent visits to check on prototypes, in say, February. Also, another huge benefit? Cost of Living. Southeast Michigan real estate is bottom of the market and salaries are much more reasonable due to cost of living. Most employees would actually live in better homes. A Toyota employee could sell their $750k house in congested LA and live in a palace here.

I'm thinking I have a burgeoning career in PR. Toyota? Honda? Nissan? Governor Granholm? Feel free to contact me to hatch and execute the strategy. I stand ready to assist in greasing the skids. This can work!

Let's go! Let's do it!

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