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Monday, May 02, 2005


Crash Free Cars from Microsoft?

Hmmm...am I the only one that sees the humor in this declaration by the world's richest man? Bill Gates indicated that he believes the industry should embrace technology that would make a car resistant to crashing. Cough, cough...sputter.

Ok, I know...Microsoft's operating systems are less crash prone than they used to be. And it is easy to blame Microsoft for all the ills that befall our lovely computers. It's not always Microsoft's fault that a program crashes our PCs. Having said that, the ubiquitous software company does lack some credibility when it comes to lecturing on passive safety systems. Last week, my laptop crashed 3 times...processor spiked, everything froze for 20-30 minutes and I was finally forced to shut down. So...until that gets resolved, count me out of Microsoft crash avoidance systems for cars. ;-)

Also, please note, this is all said, tongue in cheek. We use Microsoft .NET and SQL to run our website, MotorAlley.

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