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Friday, September 30, 2005


How To Fix Our Energy Crisis, Reduce Heart Disease And Obesity And Generally Improve The Welfare of All Americans

  1. Tax credits for showers at work
  2. Ride Bicycle to and from work (if you visit customers...leave car at work)
  3. Save car for trips longer than 10 miles, grocery shopping, etc.
  4. Reduce highway deaths, improve general health, traffic/congestion and oil consumption
  5. Pay for bike/nice bike clothes, etc. by saving on health club membership

bravo!I might have the best/worst job in the world!I am a foreman at a crappy factory,but it is only an 11 mile ride and has a shower that i am the sole user. Between March and thanksgiving(damn new england weather) i am able to bike to and from work.I get a kick back on my car insurance(under 5000 miles a year)and stay in pretty good shape to boot.Although not encouraging drinking and riding i figure i've dodged a few dui's the last couple of decades as an added perk.
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