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Monday, October 17, 2005


My Search For The Next Car Begins

Like many Americans, I am once again looking for the next car. The lease on the current car (Porsche Carrera 4) is expiring in a few months so I'm beginning to think about what's next. I'd love another C4, but I need more room...boys are getting bigger! So...imagine a C4...with 4 Doors. What would that be? And...which dealer will get me the best deal? New or Used? I'll track my shopping on the blog.

Here's what's currently on the consideration list...without extensive shopping.


Big fan of the AWD Audi. Leaning toward the A6 (would love the RS6) because I need size/room.


M5...enough said. Probably need snow tires...it will be an all season car. Definitely SMG.

So...the shopping begins...feel free to add cars to my list!


what about the Infiniti M45 Sport?

Power, Elegance + the room that you need!

I like the Infiniti or the Audi A6 4.2 (which you already mentioned).

Jeff @ QuickCarQuote.com
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Have you thought about an Acura MDX? It's got the room you need...even an extra row of seats if you end up hauling the kid's friends too. A great snowy road hauler and ready to tow those snowmobiles you've been thinking about getting.

The only negative is that the MDX is only rated @ 253 horsepower...probably a little gutless for your taste.

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I was told by the dealer you'd have to get in line for the new M5 but I do think it is a much nicer car than Audi A6. If you are shopping for ideas and good prices, you can check out this new car site: www.autosbargain.com, which you will get the most current deals available. Good luck shopping!
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