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Friday, October 14, 2005


SUV sales Plummet....good time to save money on an SUV!

Gas prices have pushed SUV sales down in the month of September, especially the larger SUVs. Ford has even announced the end of production for the Expedition, the full size SUV that was launched only 3 years ago.

Using our reverse logic at MotorAlley, someone's misfortune is often another man's opportunity...now is a great time to get a deal on a large SUV..even on some of the mid-sized SUVs.

Okay, you say, but shouldn't we worry about gas prices? People are overreacting to the gas price shock. Prices will drop again...below $2/gallon and then you'll be glad you bought the vehicle you really needed...and saved a lot of $. The current high prices are a temporary phenomenon and as supplies improve, prices will drop again. Dealers are sitting on a growing inventory of mid-size and large SUVs (especially the domestic companies, GM, Ford and Chrysler Group). To find out how much you can save check out what other people are currently paying for your vehicle of interest and then request a price from a local dealer using our easy, free quote form.

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