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Monday, November 21, 2005


My Search For The New Car Part 2

The Search for the Best Deal on the Best Car

One of the things we tell people that are looking for their next car is this: Don't pick just one. Why? I really like the new M5, but I'm not fond of putting Thousands of dollars on deposit for the right to "stand in line." When I was single, I had the same rule about getting into clubs and bars. Never stand in line to give someone your money.

As I was thinking about this, I got a call that warmed my heart. Dealer in FL has 2 brand new Audi S4s, with "slight" hurricane damage. $Thousands below invoice. How bad is the damage? Slight nick/scratch...nothing substantial. Now there's a deal!

Save $4,000 on a never driven car and fix it up with $50 in touch up paint. Car can be shipped for $700. So what are we talking about here? Instead of a 500 horsepower, 2 wheel drive BMW M5, I could get an S4 and save $500/month. BMW has more rear seat legroom and newer technology. BUT...the S4 is a Quattro for lovely winter driving...with "ONLY" 340 horsepower. The extra $ saves on the S4 means I could buy extra winter tires and have enough left over for a boat. Mmm...but then...I couldn't tow the boat with the S4.

The BMW has more wow factor but I don't care about that too much. Now...if I could get the S4 with more rear seat legroom...

Need to think about this a bit longer. Plus...my lease isn't up for a few more months. But...you can see how an open mind allows you to consider a better deal?

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