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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Finding the Best Deal

Ok...so, here is the current line up of cars that we're considering:

Lexus GS430

Infiniti M35
Audi S4, used RS6 or new A4 3.2
BMW 5 series, probably new
Mercedes E500 (maybe 4WD), probably new

The last car makes no sense whatsoever...but then, I'm human:

Used Porsche C4 (2003 model year) and a used Jeep, Ford Explorer or one of those old Land Rovers from Daktari that will run on gasoline, diesel, turpentine or sheep's urine in case I have to take the kids somewhere. I could get a hunting rifle, a hat and fill the roof compartment with Lion cages, extra fuel tanks, water, beans, rice, etc. I'm going for a certain look. I'd lease the C4s and buy the 4x4 used, of course.

What will be my strategy? I've already been doing research using our top secret new BestDeals application on what dealers are offering around the country. In the next few weeks we'll show how that search feature works. But, basically, it will allow me/you to look both locally and nationally to see what dealers will sell a new car for...should be fun.

Speaking of best deals on a new car...year-end is especially a good time to buy. Why? Dealers are trying to close out the year and make "numbers" and, potentially, write off bad debts, fix their inventory, etc. etc. If you're serious about buying...now really is a good time...especially if you're shopping domestic makes that have high inventories (that's basically all domestics with the exception of hybrid vehicles and a few other high demand vehicles).

If all this fails, I'll buy my brother's race Ducati 996 (uses race fuel only) and tow the kids.

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