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Monday, December 19, 2005


The Shopping List Changes

Ok...still a few months to go but of late, I've warmed and cooled on several cars:


Audi S4

Very, very nice car...but can you have a smaller backseat? Uhm...yes...in my C4 :-(
I'm thinking, more and more...that the backseat won't be large enough.

Audi RS6

Obnoxiously expensive...hard to find...better rear seat legroom though.


Porsche Cayenne S

This one shocked me. I've written and spoke passionately in the past of my disdain for a Porsche SUV. It doesn't feel right...and I still don't like the idea...but if given a choice...I'd rather drive a Porsche SUV if I HAVE to have a car with ample rear seat legroom that can manage a Michigan winter.

I must say that as I looked around for "deals" on a Cayenne I really liked what I saw at Luxury Motors. Very nice site...and excellent use of LivePerson to help browsers find a car. I had a request to chat from one of the live operators. I think this is an excellent use of the technology and not too intrusive.

Go with the E350 Merc. All the power you need, good handling, good looking. Or, do what I am doing... Find a nice s55 slap some snows on it and you got room and the power to smoke the Porsche
Mmm...nice thing about the MB, usually solid as a tank so it will cut through snow like an icebreaker. S55 is a nice ride...I'm thinking though, instead of snows, what about chains?

Nothing quite like the silhouette of a 911, though. That unmistakeable shape
S4? RS6? 5-Series?

I gotta ask, what about a Subaru WRX or Legacy? AWD, BHP, the WRX has as much room as the S4 and the Legacy is 5-series sized. All for much less $$$.

Right now, my wife and I share a Cooper S, and we're moving to California and will need a second car. I'd like it to be a 4 door wagon with handling like the Cooper S. Subaru WRX is at the top of my list. If you have other suggestions I'd be open to them.
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