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Friday, April 07, 2006


Internet Leads Buy Cars

Here's a newsflash...Cobalt/Dealix studied purchase rates of Internet leads and discovered most of them buy a car. Even better, most of them buy a car other different from their original price quote request.

This is mostly derivative, 3 year old opportunism by Dealix. Nice Job Dean Evans -- good job of reprising good info. We conducted a study back in 2003 at Stoneage and Car.com that found the same basic information. Unfortunately, car companies/dealers aren't much smarter now than they were back then. To wit:

My favorite finding? Majority of people are looking for...wait for it...a low price. Here's a challenge. Go to Google. Search for a dealer price on, let's say, Toyota Camry. Good luck. You'll get lots of sites that offer up the "form" but you won't find "deals." Except on MotorAlley (shameless self promotion).

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