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Thursday, August 10, 2006


BMW and The Dangers of Blogging

I wrote a piece about why it's a mistake for BMW to drop, "The Ultimate Driving Machine" tag line...based on a column by Al Ries, famed marketing consultant. Turns out Al assumed the tag line was changing...it's not. In the comment below, Eric Webber of GSD&M, agency of record for BMW says, "NOT TRUE."

My apologies to BMW and GSD&M...

I once saw this happen on the Ford business. Quality is Job 1 was the corporate slogan. Some thought that was the Ford brand slogan. No...the Ford brand slogan, at that time, was "Have You Driven A Ford Lately? (agency was JWT)" "Quality is Job 1" (agency was O&M) was intended to be a halo across Ford, Lincoln and Mercury (this was before the PAG/Premiere Auto Group and Volvo were added to the Ford family).

In closing, I'm glad the tag line remains...it's distinctive and fits the brand perfectly.

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