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Sunday, March 02, 2008


Car Shopping? My process...

So, the 2006 Audi S4 lease is due (actually way past due). Have been busy with work, life etc. and have started thinking about the next vehicle...

I thought it might be helpful to others to see how an industry insider figures out what car/truck to buy.

My needs? Perhaps a little more space, and a place to put the road and/or mountain bike. My kids are now teenagers...and too large for the backseats of the S4. The next generation S4 will have larger backseats...but I don't want to wait for that vehicle. So, the choices are...a larger Sedan (e.g. Audi A6 or S6, BMW 530 or 550, Mercedes C class, Lexus GS430 etc.) or an SUV (e.g. Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Audi Q7, Acura MDX, BMW X5, Saturn Outlook).

Where to start? Well...first there's budget. I spoke to Audi and they made a nice offer at low interest rate to get me to "keep" the S4. Audi is trying to avoid a glut of A4/S4 at the auction...they are launching the new A4 and the theory is...too many of the old bodystyle at auction drives down residual values and that equals big losses. More later...

Good Day David;

Indeed your presentation, alongside Mary and Patty, at Digital Dealer this past week was fascinating. As a tenured automotive retail analyst of the Online Buying Process, as well, I found your Interactive presentation to be the only one of its kind at the event. Sad - but, then again, we all know the auto industry has a hard head, big ego, and soft behind.

So, I am interested in keeping this conversation about how you are to purchase your next auto going. Though there are several options for you to consider, I would venture to guess that your decision will hinge more upon the proper value proposition from a competent professional, than it will strictly upon your need for more room and a means of accommodating your mountain or road bike take-along.

And, even moreso than that, I would venture to guess that you will get the Best Deal - something that even in the midst of an Internet driven zeitgeist shift in this industry has been as elusive as the EPA Mileage Rating on the HUMMER H2 window sticker.

To that point, I would like to issue special commendation to the team you have led at NeoSynergy. Two decisively giant companies who share the space for Online Automotive Marketing were wooo-eyed by your company's distinctive presence. And, to have an interactive class session on finding the Best Deals online was genius. I wish the entire conference could have been on hand for this special treat. In fact, I would contact Mike Roscoe to let him know that an absolute disservice was done to each patron who failed to attend your class session, and offer to do it on the exhibition floor at the next Digital Dealer conference.

I will be speaking with you soon, I hope, to explore further the prospect of making ForHerCar.net and the Auto Buyer Consultants Membership Network teammates of the Best Deals and MotorAlley product line.

Let us know what you buy, and how you buy it. We all want to know.

D. Rawls
Director Internet Sales & Marketing
Auto Buyer Consultants & ForHerCar
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