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Monday, April 28, 2008


Porsche Cayenne it is

Neglected to mention...I chose the Porsche Cayenne S...needed the extra room and AWD for the winter (see garage photo)...and it was the best choice given those requirements. Heard a couple of comments that the Cayenne isn't up to Porsche quality...based on my research, quality was not an issue starting with the 2006 MY forward. Plus...I won't own it past the factory warranty.

It was easily the best handling SUV out there...although it was definitely not, "the best deal/value for the money." The dealership did give me a "great deal." I've had a month in the car now and enjoy it immensely...nothing but good things so far. Still working on getting my I-Phone/I-Pod integration though...Porsche's factory PCM system does not make it easy.

I did look closely at a number of pre-owned (that means "used" in the luxury market) Cayenne but opted for a new vehicle lease.

Thanks for giving your review I have been searching for such reviews as I am planning to buy one,..

really helpful

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